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Water Safety Instructor

A reliable water safety instructor is most certainly a requirement if you wish to learn everything there is to know about the basics of lifeguard training and water rescue.

Why Take the Class?
For most people, this is probably the first thing that they ask. The answer to that is simple enough: our instructors teach the students and trainees everything they need to know in order to effectively react to emergency situations.

Basically, these classes teach you all the skills necessary to effectively perform the task of being a lifeguard. Time and again, this one’s water safety training can be the difference between life and death. Listed below are just some of the things you will learn from the class.
• Clear Communication Skills – In emergency situations, communication skills become doubly important. More often than not, the ability to speak clearly and explain what needs to be done is one of the main factors which contribute to a successful rescue. This is because you need to be able to coordinate not only with the victim but with your co-rescuers as well.

• Understanding of Pool Safety Rules – If you wish to enforce water safety effectively, then it is vital that you have a clear understanding of what that is exactly. In addition to this, students will also learn all about the hand signals used by professional rescuers. All of these are vital in terms of ensuring the safety of the pool area itself.

• Superior Swimming Skills – If you want to be able to rescue people on a consistent basis, then you need to have the skills necessary to do so. Take note that in times of emergency, say when there is someone drowning, you will need to have the strength, the skill, and the endurance necessary to get them out of that situation before the unspeakable happens.
One must be able to move with grace and quickness in the water. This means going beyond the rudimentary swimming lessons.

• Knowledge of Emergency Procedures – Aside from giving trainees the ability to save people from harm’s way, they are also taught everything they need to in case they have to deal with worst-case scenarios. That is why these classes include everything from basic first aid to more advanced procedures such as CPR.

• Real-Life Scenario Preparation – We would be remiss if we did not mention the fact that this course is specifically designed to simulate real life situations. After all, this is the most effective way to teach trainees how to reach when the even happens in real-life. This way, the classes prepare them for the difficult situations which they will most likely encounter at some point in the future

These are just some of the reasons why this class would prove useful. It should go without saying that this class is most certainly worth it. After all, it teaches its students everything they need to know about staying safe in the water. In most emergency situations, this kind of training is what separates you from being the one that needs rescuing.

This is the second thing that most people ask when considering a water safety class. Well, to begin with, passing a training course like this one can actually open up new doors for your career. After all, lifeguard employment is at an all-time high.

Most people do not realize it, but most pools are in need of a fully trained and licensed lifeguard. This is because the presence of a rescue professional on the poolside is a strict requirement, one that must be fulfilled at all times. Just think about that for a second. Consider the number of swimming pools in operation today and you should be able to see the potential employment opportunity such a training course can provide. Needless to say, trainees will have no trouble finding a job.

Water Safety Instructor

Of course, aside from the monetary and career benefits that this class offers, readers should understand that its perks go well beyond financial matters. Instead, it helps builds one’s character as well. After all, this class is no laughing matter. While it can be physically tasking at times, it also challenges the students at a much deeper level. It pushes them to dig deeper and summon great levels of concentration in order to get the job done.

Moreover, this class teaches its students to improve their situational awareness. This is because in order to be an effective lifeguard, one must be able to spot the danger signs beforehand. This can include looking for weak swimmers in the deeper waters to calling out roughhousing that puts the people involved in danger.

In connection to this, students will notice that they are able to develop a highly tuned reaction time to dangerous situations. This is mainly because they are more aware of their own surroundings than other people. However, it can also be attributed to the fact that the course itself gives premium to one’s ability to react to unforeseen circumstances. After all, this quickness can be the difference between a successful rescue and a tragic scenario.

Now, once an emergency does arise, the physical aspect of the training becomes extremely handy as well. For instance, as a test of one’s aquatic strength, trainees are required to grab a 10-pound brick underwater, at depths of 8 to 12 feet. It is here that we should mention that the basic requirement for passing the course can be challenging in itself. This is because the trainee will be required to swim distances of 200 to 400 yards in a short period of time. In addition to this, the trainee should be able to tread the water for extended periods of time.

One’s increased endurance, strength, and durability due to the training are gifts that keep on giving. After all, we should all strive to be in the best shape that we can be. However, the fact that this dramatic improvement in one’s physical capabilities lets you save lives is just the icing on the cake.
We are not kidding when we say that enforcing water safety rules is both physically and psychologically tasking. After all, the mindset being instilled here is the decisiveness in the face of great urgency. However, if you take the time and effort to go through with this class, then you most certainly will be rewarded.

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