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First Aid

We cannot know when an accident or emergency occurs, an accident could be around the corner, it can happen anytime. Thus, below is the answer to the question of why learn first aid.

You can provide first aid to someone until the emergency medical service arrives, take action right away. You can save a life.

To get ready for an emergency, and take action with these steps:

  • Know when to call 911.
  • Learn to know someone who is choking or hurt.
  • Join a class to learn first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and automated external defibrillator (AED).
  • Always keep a first aid kit at home and in your car.
First Aid

Shrug off the numerous reasons why you do not take first aid training programs. You will never be too busy to learn first aid, it pays to be prepared for first aid training, injuries and illnesses might occur to your family member. Do not think that accidents or emergency situations will only occur to strangers, it can occur to your friend, family, or colleagues.

Do not think that you already have enough knowledge of first aid. Having some basic first aid knowledge is important, here are some of the reasons why you should need to learn first aid.
When first aid is given appropriately and immediately, it can help to decrease the recovery time of the person and can make a difference between having a temporary or long-term disability. Learning first aid does more than saving lives, helping people is the ultimate goal of first aid, but you also develop the ability to remain calm in the midst of an emergency. It gives you the confidence and comfort.

There are accidents that do not need the medical attention of a hospital, however, it does not mean that it does not need an immediate care. There might be experiencing pain and suffering, thus you have to alleviate their discomfort and provide emotional support by making them feel secure.

Knowing first aid makes you prevent the condition of the victim from getting worse. You have to provide immediate and appropriate basic care to stabilize the patient until the emergency medical service arrives.

Providing first aid boosts your confidence to care. It helps you to reflect on yourself, and how you deal with your emotions under accidents or emergency situations.

Being a first aid provider, you have to stay healthy and safe living. Above anyone else, you have to look after yourself and ensure your own safety as a priority. When you keep yourself healthy and safe, you are in the best position to help others. Having an adequate knowledge of first aid makes you more aware of your own health and alert to potential hazards present in the surroundings.

If you do not know where to take first aid training classes, contact Emergency Response unit in your place that provides comprehensive first aid training that can prepare you for a wide range of accidents or emergency situations.
We often ask the question, who will benefit from it? First aid is crucial for everyone, for the first aid provider as an individual and for the community it serves.

First aid knowledge gives you the opportunity to assist people who are in need, or who are injured in the situation of an accident or emergency until the emergency medical service arrives. The skills provided by first aid can be applied at home, in the workplace, or in public locations.
Being a first aid provider does not only give you the benefit, but also your friends, co-workers, and everyone who is living in your community, and most importantly your family can benefit.

This may be unpleasant to utter, but accidents and emergency situations are completely preventable or unavoidable. It might be just around the corner. If an accident happens in the workplace, in your home, or in a public area, you can help those who are helpless. This can alleviate the situation.

While first aid can benefit everyone, the benefit from first aid knowledge and training is an even greater benefit to those who are working or living with individuals that require ongoing special attention.
Save lives. Join classes for basic first aid techniques this is an essential aid provided to a victim.

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